October 2002) Boycott Israel Campaign in Denmark

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(October 2002)
Boycott Israel Campaign in Denmark

Boykot Israel Kampagnens logo
Boykot Israel Kampagnens logo

In February 2002, a number of Palestine solidarity groups in Denmark met in the city of Odense and here founded the Boycot Israel Campaign. The aim was to unite the solidarity forces and strengthen  the solidarity work with the occupied Palestinean people. Among the organizations participating were local unions, Palestine solidarity groups, antiimperialist groups, political left wing parties, individuals etc.

The decision to start a general Boycott Israel campaign was decided unanimously. ’General boycott’ means: boycott of Israeli consumers goods and other Israeli products, cancel the EU-Israel free trade agreement,  boycott of Israeli sport and culture etc., boycott of Danish-Israeli diplomatic relations etc. The longtermed aim is to obtain a total isolation of the state of Israel – as was the case with the boycott campaign against the apartheid-regime of South Africa in the 1980-ies.

The political paroles of the Boycott Israel Campaign are:

Solidarity with the Palestinians –

Israel out of the Occupied territories – NOW! – Boycott Israel.

The basis organizations of the Boycott Israel Campaign are the local boycott groups, consisting of local people and local organisations.

During the first 1 ½ years existence, the Boycott Israel Campaign has carried through a big variety of actions and manifestations have been executed: Manifestations on Saturdays in front of supermarkets and distribution of boycott-materials. A big manifestation in front of the weapon factory  TERMA in Aarhus which produces elements for F-16 planes and export them to USA which delivers them to Israel . Boycot demonstrations in front of volleyball and football-matches with participating Israeli teams, boycott manifestation in connection with Israeli artists, for instance a concert with an Israeli band in the Museum Louisiana – north of Copenhagen. Demonstrations several times in front of the Israeli Embassy of Denmark where we delivered  protest letters.

During the EU Summit in Denmark , we organized a huge Boycott Israel Demonstration on Thursday December 12, 2002 in Copenhagen protesting especially against the EU-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

It was and is our aim to form a broad popular boycott-movement to be joined by a broad spectre of political groups, parties and individuals. Until now  a big number of local unions have recommended the Boycott Israel Campaign, and 3 national federations have recommended the Campaign: SID (unskilled workers federation); RBF (hotel and restaurants workers), and LFS (socialpedagogues federation).

115 ’VIP-persons’ in Denmark (writers, political persons, journalists, sportspeople, artists etc ) have signed a ’recommendation-list’.


National Conference

Boycot Israel Campaign held its second annual national conference on  September 28, 2002 – in Odense.

Here it was decided to give priority to the following activities:

  1. Boycott of Israeli comsumers goods in all Danish Supermarkets, a new supermarket flyer was presented on the conference. The local boycot-groups are expected to stand in front of the supermarkets on Saturdays distributing the boycott materials and talking to people.
  2. Stop export of Danish weapons to Israel.

We continue the campaign against the Danish weapon fabricant TERMA in Aarhus .

  1. Denunciation of the Free Trade Agreement between Israeland EU. (socalled ’association agreement)..

Boycott Israel Campaign in Denmark