14. september 02 Joint Nordic Boycott Israel resolution

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14. september 02
Joint Nordic Boycott 
Israel resolution 
(signed in relation to the Nordic Boycott Israel Day 14. september 02)

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Boykot Israel Kampagnens logo

The Israeli occupying power must be forced to leave the occupied territories NOW!
 Israel ‘s war crimes against the Palestinian people must be put to an end!

Around Europe , in fact in the whole world, activities of solidarity with the sorely tried and for a long time forgotten Palestinian people are going on.
But the activities do not at all correspond to the desperate situation of the Palestinian people following decades of occupation; they, a whole people, are being held in prison, receiving the most humiliating treatment that violates all conventions and human rights, while the aggressor, the Israeli state, is being supported economically and militarily by the world’s strongest military power, the US.

Sharon is responsible for having initiated the construction of settlements in 1967. Sharon is responsible for the massacres that took place in Sabra and Shatila in 1982. And Sharon is responsible for the massacre in Jenin in 2002. Today, he is the Prime Minister of Israel. The preparations for deporting Palestinians constitute Israel ‘s latest escalation of collective punishment in order to keep control of the occupied territories.

Thirty-five years of Israeli occupation contrary to the decisions of the international community are more than enough.

Israel must be forced to leave the occupied territories NOW!

Boycott and sanctions are important steps to support the rights of the Palestinians and the peace in the area. We want to put pressure on the Israeli government by refusing to buy Israeli goods. Many aspects of to-days Israelresembles that of South Africa during the apartheid regime.
The boycott of South Africa had a positive effect on the fight for freedom and justice in South Africa , and we hope that a boycott of Israel can have a similar effect. We call on our respective governments to quit treating the Palestinians and Israel as two equal parts in a violent conflict, and start facing reality: The occupying state of Israel and the Palestinian people fighting for freedom and against the occupation.

The boycott has already proved its justification as Israeli exports to Europe , especially to the Scandinavian countries, have dropped considerably.

Boycott Israel!



Denmark,  Boykot Israel – Danmark

Island, Association Iceland-Palestine

Norway, Boikott Israel – Norge

Sweden , Palestine Solidarity Association in Sweden, Palestinagrupperna i Sverige (PGS